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Accuracy, precision, validity and reliability

Laser cutting

High precision, speed and versatility – this is how the laser cutting process impresses. Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to vaporize materials, resulting in a cut edge. Laser cutting works by direct computer control of  the output power of the laser. The focused laser beam is directed at the material, which then either melts, burns, vaporizes away, or is blown away by a jet of gas, leaving an edge with a high-quality surface finish. Not only sheets are cut, but also profiles and pipes. When the laser beam penetrates the material and then perforates it, the actual cutting process begins. The laser cutter moves along a certain geometry and cuts the material.  Laser cutting of sheets is performed using the most modern technologies, with which we obtain precise contours and dimensions. The products have an affordable price and the possibility of fast production. With this technology, we have the ability to meet the highest requirements.

Accuracy, precision, validity and reliability

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