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We manufacture the FerroCoop process units for metal, pipe, and profile laser cutting. In terms of such parameters as performance, price/quality, production cost of cut parts, FerroCoop machines are superior to similar models of Trumpf, Bystronic, AMADA, and others. We supply machines to the European Union, the USA and Taiwan, where we successfully compete with the above companies.


We would like to present you a technical datas for FerroCoop FireBird KS-18BP-1 economy-class laser metal cutting process unit with a 3000×1550 mm processing area and a fiber laser with a power of 1 kW.


Our goal is to build a long-term cooperation with our partners.




The FireBird KS-18BP-1 laser metal cutting process unit with a fiber laser is designed for cutting and marking sheet metal, including coated, according to cutting programs.

Features of the unit

The KS-18BP-1 unit is FerroCoop’s own development with advanced X-axis drive technology (Wing system), which is a significant advantage compared to machines with a traditional portal coordinate table design, requiring two synchronized motors to drive the portal along the X-axis, high-precision parallel installation of guides and their reliable protection. The suspended aluminum Y-beam is driven by a single servo motor, drive is located in the upper part of the O-shaped bed in the middle of the Y-beam. There is a patent for the invention.

This design solution provides:

• exclusion of various problems arising in the portal design related to the synchronization of motors and inaccuracy of the portal guide installation;

• high wear resistance of the moving parts of the coordinate table as there is no risk of damage to the guides and motors which are located in the upper part of the bed out of reach of hot metal ejections from the cutting zone.

• The Wing system is significantly superior to the portal structure in terms of vibration resistance and is significantly less affected by external sources of vibration (stampers, presses, etc.).

Only high-quality components of the world leaders are used in the production of FireBird KS-18BP-1 units:

• precision guides INA (Germany) and TNK (Japan);

• IGUS flexible cable channels (Germany);

• RENISHAW linear encoders (UK);

• DELTA TAU CNC controller (USA), Omron (Japan);

• safety shock absorbers and pneumatic system FESTO (Germany) and CAMOZZI (Italy).

The availability of replaceable shuttle-type pallets without lifting the lower pallet (cutting is carried out on two levels) allows for quick replacement of workpieces; the re-rolling time does not exceed 15 seconds. The design of the removable pallet system eliminates the problems associated with synchronization of hydraulic lifts of the lower pallet in machines with single-level metal cutting.

Rigid O-shaped machine bed effectively dampens vibrations and enables installing the machine without a special foundation while maintaining the geometric dimensions and precision of manufacturing parts throughout the entire service life of the equipment.

Automatic workpiece surface profile tracking system maintains an optimal focus with an accuracy of 100 µm, which increases and stabilizes the cutting speed and produces a quality and smooth cutting-edge surface that does not require subsequent machining.

Software package of process preparation, supplied in cooperation with one of the world’s leading companies, automatically optimizes the cutting of parts while minimizing the time spent on preparatory operations.

• The bundled software package allows:

• making a general cut in automatic mode, taking into account the cut width;

• optimizing the idle speed;

• if necessary, prohibiting the passage of the cutting head over the cut places;

• keeping records of blanks, produced parts, and industrial waste;

• marking, coring, engraving;

• automatically installing micro-junctions in the cutting contour.

The software package enables to upload and edit drawings in .dwg, .dxf and any other formats supported by CAD and offers the option of network synchronization with personal computers and the ability to read information from various kinds of electronic media.

Standard arrangement of the equipment.

Arrangement plan has great flexibility and is coordinated individually, taking into account the size of the working space of the customer. Compact multi-tiered arrangement is possible.

Competitive advantages of the FireBird KS-18BP-1 unit

• Availability of a booth (4 walls + ceiling) provides better ventilation and a high level of personnel safety (there is no danger of damage by a reflected beam).

• convenient operation, access to the cutting area is provided from all sides.

• all drive motors and guides are located at the top so that no sparks and waste ever fall on them.

• the architecture with a single motor improves the machine reliability and the service life. The single-motor architecture enables to reduce the size of the machine (compared to a portal machine), which simplifies transportation and reduces commissioning time.

• Changing pallets takes 15 seconds.

• high vibration resistance, dust protection;

• high safety, compliance with environmental standards; high-quality exhaust ventilation system ensures no emissions into the atmosphere while allowing to save electrical and thermal energy on supply ventilation.

Specifications of the equipment

Coordinate table SK-18B

Control system (CNC)


The in-house manufactured CNC in the FerroCoop machines enables working with programs from other laser equipment manufacturers. Advantages of in-house production:

• all processes are controlled, including digital damping of resonant frequencies of the structure;

• remote service is provided;

• availability of continuous stock of components in the warehouse.

Ytterbium fiber laser 1 kw Raycus

Chiller LR–0.008

Filter ventilation unit

Production parameters


* when using high-quality metal, high purity oxygen and setting the appropriate mode, it is possible to cut metals of greater thicknesses.