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Accuracy, precision, validity and reliability

Customers first

The philosophy of Ferrocoop, that the customer is in the first place has been always a key part of company’s business. In order to fully serve our customers, we are constantly improving the quality of the process that covers all parts and activities of the organization, with special emphasis on customers. We have accepted the concept that the “winning” combination lies in high quality products backed by high quality service. By optimizing our production operations, we can guarantee our customers the fastest possible delivery time. We can meet a wide range of needs of our partners. We argue that continuous and thoughtful communication and cooperation with the customer is necessary, which will gain in intensity and efficiency and which will result in deepening mutual trust. The goal of this communication is to exchange information with the customer, to find out and discover his needs. Modern production technology is increasingly enabling customization to be carried out and meeting the wishes of smaller and smaller groups of consumers, and in some cases to meet the unique wishes of each individual customer. In addition, this process of adjustment refers not only to the physical characteristics of the product, but also to the various services that surround the product itself, such as packaging, delivery, billing, etc.

Accuracy, precision, validity and reliability

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