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Accuracy, precision, validity and reliability

3D design

3D design is the process of creating a computer 3D model of the desired product using modern software and tools that greatly accelerate the process of product or machine development. The process is very complex, but with good planning, preparation, research, analysis and testing, the path to the final realization of the final product can be shortened and the price can be significantly reduced, which is one of the main advantages of 3D design. We use the most modern programs for design. Computer modeling reveals possible problems in production before making expensive samples. This is especially important for products produced in small batches, where only a small number of products are made. In the case of complicated items, the amount of time spent planning is also of great importance, as unforeseen problems can be registered before production. They can be corrected very quickly with low costs, therefore, the time and money spent on design, later pays off many times over.

Accuracy, precision, validity and reliability

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